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Curator's comment: Is that what the people want or both head of state want? There may be a strong distinction here... Changes to the consistution should not be allowed by anything else than a referendum. Constitutions should be feared by politics, not changed at will. It's also sad to see a pacifist country re-arming itself. The previous agreement was a non-sense in the way that the US had too much power -- but doesn't it still have it with such agreement? Does it mean Japan is looking into exiting its atonic economy by massively re-investing into military and war campaigns, while following the US in all their belligerent campaigns? Does it mean the US cut down on some spending, make an ally spend more while maintaining them in a binding alliance to increase overall fire power? I wonder, and I mourn pacifism.

Their Cold War-era alliance is outdated. How can they buil

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